• Curso de formação de Pilotos Agrícolas –  CAVAG

    Curso de formação de Pilotos Agrícolas – CAVAG0

    O Curso de aviação agrícola – CAVAG , é destinado a formação dos novos pilotos que irão trabalhar em empresas privadas prestadoras de serviços e/ou operar aeronaves de proprietários rurais. Durante o curso os estudantes pilotos devem atender um pré-requisito de serem detentores de carteira de piloto comercial e uma experiência mínima comprovada de 370

  • Air Tractor and L3 add BAE Systems Sensor Technology to AT-802L Longsword™ options

    Air Tractor and L3 add BAE Systems Sensor Technology to AT-802L Longsword™ options0

    OLNEY & WACO, Texas—Air Tractor and L3 Technologies (NYSE:LLL) announced today that their AT-802L Longsword ™ ISR and light-attack system now supports compatibility with BAE Systems’ multi-function signals intelligence and electronic warfare sensor family of systems, presently referred to as “COBRA.” The AT-802L Longsword is a collaboration between L3 Technologies and Air Tractor, Inc. Longsword

  • 20 years ago – Gypsy moth applications in North Carolina0

    by Bill Lavender, circa 1998 FRANKLIN, NC – The gypsy moth control program by the USDA has been around for quite a while. Traditionally, the program has been in the northeastern part of the United States. Until recently, the gypsy moth infestations have been reasonably regional. But with the advent of mobile campers, hikers and

  • Ag aviation in  La República de Cuba

    Ag aviation in La República de Cuba0

    by Austin Kornegay Ever since I was a kid I always heard my dad, Pat Kornegay, talking about this island in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba. Earlier this year I decided to check it out for myself and at first I thought it was going to be a hassle getting in. Not an issue at all.

  • Business alliance between Goizper Group and Micron Group0

    Goizper and Micron are delighted to announce an alliance between these two groups of companies with over 120 years’ experience in the development of spraying equipment. Goizper Group is a specialist in hand-held and pressure sprayers (offering the well-known Matabi, Osatu, Inter and IK brands). Micron Group has specialized in low volume application equipment, having

  • Ram air inlet receives filter system upgrade

    Ram air inlet receives filter system upgrade0

    By Peggy Mills, If you currently have a Thrush aircraft with a Record Pitot-type engine air inlet installed per STC SA4374NM, there now is an optional Quick Change Air Filter System available from Aero Innovations, LLC based in Terre Haute, Indiana. Aero Innovations purchased the Record Intake STC in 2015. The STC was originally issued