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Planned Restructuring at Thrush Enters Second Phase

(Albany, Georgia) Following an announcement last week that Thrush Aircraft will be bringing in new leadership along with a financial reorganization that will allow the company to increase its capabilities and capacity, Thrush has now entered the second phase of its planned restructuring with a filing of the standard petition for Chapter 11 reorganization.

This phase of building a bigger and better Thrush Aircraft is anticipated to be temporary, with the company soon to enter a planned Phase Three – which will include the announcement of the company’s new leadership team as it emerges in a stronger position for long-term success.
During this second phase, work at Thrush – including new aircraft sales, deliveries and global customer support – continues unabated with a highly experienced workforce of factory veterans. These same team members helped deliver a record number of aircraft sales for Thrush in the first quarter of this year.

“Resiliency has always been a pillar of the Thrush brand” said Eric Rojek, vice-president of Thrush. “As are skill, determination and trust. Restructuring a company is always a challenge by any measure – but it’s a well-planned effort we are fully prepared for, and that will yield significant gains. In the meantime, I can assure our customers, prospects and fans that sales, deliveries and product support are continuing unabated here in Albany and around the world in both the agriculture and firefighting arenas.”

Mr. Rojek continued: “As this second phase begins, it’s also important to personally acknowledge and thank our suppliers and business partners who have played key roles in this rebuilding process. We look forward to continuing each of those long-standing relationships as we move into Phase Three of these restructuring efforts, and on to even greater success together in the months to come.”





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