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Chem-Man by DataSmart is at NAAA 2019! Come by our Class on Wednesday and Enter to Win a GoPro!

Managing your business is important and Chem-Man strives to make it easy. We will be at NAAA 2019 hosting an in depth class about the many ways Chem-Man can help your business run smoothly and stay compliant. 

In this educational course, Regina will show you how Chem-Man is the all-in-one solution for chemical applicators. Manage your business anywhere in a convenient, easy to access online program. Schedule a job, generate maps and transfer them over to an invoice at the click of a button. With Chem-Man’s GPS interface you can easily sync your GPS files. Chem-Man reports are designed for expert bookkeeping and operations management. Quickbooks integration, inventory tracking, a complete chemical database, automatic weather importing and customer notifications and statements are just a few things Chem-Man offers.

Join Regina in welcoming guest speaker Bob Walters from Driftwatch to showcase how Chem-Man and Driftwatch are teaming up to protect specialty crops and local beehives. Driftwatch is a tool designed to help pesticide applicators and specialty crop growers communicate more effectively to promote awareness and manage drift effects. With Chem-Man, receive up to date data streamed directly from Driftwatch to plan your jobs effectively.

Come check out our class on Wednesday November 20th, 2019 at 8:00am in room Panzacola F1 to learn about why Chem-Man is an industry favorite and get sneak peeks of what Chem-Man has in store for 2020. While there, enter to win a GoPro!

Can’t make it to the class? Swing by Booth 905 throughout the convention to pick up some goodies and say hello!





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