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Chem-Man and AgPilotX Team Up to Modernize Aerial Application

AgPilotX and Chem-Man Online have teamed up to bring a seamless all-in-one solution for aerial applicators. Streamline your workflow with the robust mapping and billing features of Chem-Man and the innovative precision of the AgPilotX guidance system.

Schedule your jobs in Chem-Man and easily export mapping data to the AgPilotX iPad GPS system. Once the job is done, import the data back into Chem-Man to wrap up all of your billing needs. No more bulky USB drives or shuffling through different programs!

Find out how this new integration is saving aerial applicators time and money by visiting us online at http://www.chem-man.com/agpilotx or stopping by our booth 905 at NAAA 2019.

Chem-Man and AgPilotX are set up right next to each other at NAAA 2019 so there has never been a better time to check out how this new integration can work for you. We’ll be showing off live demos of how the two programs work together to create a seamless job from start to finish. While you’re here, pick up some free goodies and see a live demo of Chem-Man’s new look!

Don’t forget to check out Chem-Man’s educational class on Wednesday November 20th at 8:00am. Join Regina and guest speaker Bob Walters from Driftwatch for an in depth course on how Chem-Man can help make your business run smoother and be more compliant. You can find us in Panzacola F1 at 8:00am. We will be giving away a GoPro to one lucky attendee! 





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