Genuine Aircraft Hardware Company is a Distribution Company that Specializes in New, Traceable Hardware

Have some odd hardware you’re looking for? Our sales team will try their hardest to source your hardware and get them to you in a very timely fashion. If you are looking for Nuts, Screws, Bolts, Washers, Hydraulic fittings, Pop-rivets, or anything else to help hold your plane together give us a shot here at GAHCo. Our customer service is top-notch, our quality department is better than most of the larger companies we deal with, and our salespeople’s drive to find those parts is above and beyond.

Not sure what part you need? That is fine, call us and order a Genuine Aircraft Hardware reference book and let our sales ladies help you figure out what that interesting part you are looking for is. This book is great not only for the veterans of the industry but also for those learning. Taking classes to become an Airplane mechanic? Trust us when we say that you will want one of these books. Many Aviation Maintenance schools already order and require that their students pick up a copy of our reference book.

We are a family-operated and driven business that was established in 1984 by Thomas William Brink. The company is now run and owned by his daughter Tamara and his wife Pamela. Our GAHCo family works tirelessly to keep his legacy alive through great customer service and a fanatical sense of quality. Our Billings, Montana warehouse gets orders out on time even with a small crew and a relentless sales team that will find the hardware that you need.

So, give our GAHCo. family a call at 805-239-3169 and let us help you keep those planes in the sky where they belong.




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