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Wisconsinite Tapped to Lead National Agricultural Aviators Association

A new chapter is opening for the National Agricultural Aviation Association in 2022, its centennial anniversary.

A fourth-generation Wisconsinite, Jim Perrin, has been named the organization’s president for the year. Lauded for his leadership and friendly personality, Perrin has been active in the NAAA since the mid-1990s and has decades of experience as both aviator and agriculturist.

“While I was in the army for four years, I decided that aviation and agriculture were both passions of mine, so when I got out of the army, I started pursuing a career in aviation that way,” Perrin said. “I’ve just stayed active in it ever since. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve on the board, serve as treasurer and serve as vice president. This year, I got elected to president of the National Agricultural Aviators Association.”

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