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  • Encuesta a operadores agrícolas de Estados Unidos

    Encuesta a operadores agrícolas de Estados Unidos0

    La Asociación de Aviación Agrícola de Estados unidos (NAAA) realizó una encuesta a operadores y pilotos de las Parte 137  miembros y no miembros de NAAA desde el 26 de Enero de 2018 al 29 de Abril de 2018, para obtener datos demográficos e información sobre procedimientos estandarizados, equipamiento, cultivos y campos tratados, percepción de

  • Pesquisa com Empresários Aeroagrícolas Americanos

    Pesquisa com Empresários Aeroagrícolas Americanos0

    A National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA), Associação Nacional da Aviação Agrícola dos EUA, fez uma pesquisa com empresários e pilotos que operam sob a Parte 137 dos regulamentos federais de aviação, incluindo membros e não-membros, entre 26 de janeiro e 29 de abril de 2018, para coletar dados sobre a demografia, procedimentos padrão, equipamentos, culturas

  • AirSouth Teams up with Assured Partners Aerospace

    AirSouth Teams up with Assured Partners Aerospace0

    AirSouth Insurance is pleased to announce we have joined forces with one of the largest independent aviation insurance brokers in the country, AssuredPartners. This move will provide our customers with the same great service, plus access to more markets and competitive products than ever before. What’s more, Gerald Andrews and Don Peters are still actively

  • Air Tractor Welcomes New Quality Control Manager

    Air Tractor Welcomes New Quality Control Manager0

    Air Tractor, Inc. announced the recent addition of Manuel Vijarro as the company’s Director of Quality. He will lead Air Tractor’s quality assurance/quality control efforts encompassing raw materials and components sourcing, manufacturing and aircraft assembly processes. “Manuel brings a high level of experience and expertise to our quality control programs. We are quite pleased to