• Business alliance between Goizper Group and Micron Group0

    Goizper and Micron are delighted to announce an alliance between these two groups of companies with over 120 years’ experience in the development of spraying equipment. Goizper Group is a specialist in hand-held and pressure sprayers (offering the well-known Matabi, Osatu, Inter and IK brands). Micron Group has specialized in low volume application equipment, having

  • Ag Aviation in La República de Cuba

    Ag Aviation in La República de Cuba0

    By Austin Kornegay Ever since I was a kid I always heard my dad, Pat Kornegay, talking about this island in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba. Earlier this year I decided to check it out for myself and at first I thought it was going to be a hassle getting in. Not an issue at all.

  • Air Tractor Announces New Dealer for Canada0

    OLNEY, TEXAS — Air Tractor, Inc. President Jim Hirsch announced today the addition of a new Air Tractor® dealership for Canada. Portage Aircraft Specialties, located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, will serve agricultural aerial applicators across Canada as the authorized dealer for Air Tractor aircraft sales, repairs, maintenance and parts. “We are excited and pleased to have Portage

  • Change in the Air: Rethinking old strategies to win a new wildfire war

    Change in the Air: Rethinking old strategies to win a new wildfire war0

    Today, U.S. wildfires burn on average more than three times the number of acres per fire than just a few decades ago. The increasing size and intensity has caused suppression and recovery costs to dramatically increase, culminating last year when the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) spent more money battling wildfires than it ever has –

  • Emphasis on Droplet Spectrum0

    Dennis R Gardisser, WRK of Arkansas LLC Sometimes size is a major factor! Pesticide applications are an area where size of the droplet is one of the most important criteria for efficacy and environmental stewardship. Plant or surface physical characteristics, chemical mode of action, timing, weather, application platform and drift potential are some of the

  • Georgia Forestry Commission buys two Switchbacks

    Georgia Forestry Commission buys two Switchbacks1

    Recently, the Georgia Forestry Commission advanced its aerial firefighting program with the purchase of two new 510G Switchback Thrushes. The aircraft were introduced to Georgia Forestry Commission’s Air Operations Supervisor, Clay Chatham, during a Thrush Summer Tour in 2015 by the late Frankie Williams of Souther Field Aviation in Americus, Georgia. With a background in