• Australian Initiatives Improve Powerline Safety

    Australian Initiatives Improve Powerline Safety0

    The Australian Aerial Applicators Association has been working closely with powerline safety designers Balmoral Engineering and electricity companies Ergon Energy and Essential Energy to install new powerline markers that significantly boost powerline visibility. In addition, powerline network maps are now available in both Queensland and New South Wales through the Ergon app and Essential Energy

  • PT6 Compressor Wash: Do it or Suffer Consequences!

    PT6 Compressor Wash: Do it or Suffer Consequences!0

    When operating PT6 turbines, scheduled maintenance is regarded as being the key to flawless operations. Sometimes the compressor wash procedure is postponed as some mechanics do not fully understand its importance. Ossie Fernandez, General Manager of United Turbine, explains why it’s a very bad idea! “When you have been in turbine business for a long

  • What spray volume is necessary to provide good coverage?

    What spray volume is necessary to provide good coverage?0

    The general belief among most agronomists, technical staff and university professors is the spray volume needs to be adjusted according to the area of the leaves i.e., the foliar index. Many even go so far as to calculate that while a young recently emerged crop could be sprayed with only one gal/acre, it is necessary

  • Canadian AAA Executive Changes

    Canadian AAA Executive Changes0

    The CAAA is sad to announce that Vice President, JP Astorino has recently resigned his position on the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association Board of Directors.  It has been a great pleasure to work with the CAAA team. I really enjoyed my time with everyone and will miss the meetings/gatherings and the positive work environment that

  • Montenegro Newest AT-802 Shows New Registration

    Montenegro Newest AT-802 Shows New Registration0

    The Montenegrin Ministry of Interior, Aviation-Helicopter Unit (Avio-helikopterska jedinica Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova Republike Crne Gore), acquires a dual cockpit Air Tractor AT-802 fire-fighting aircraft as seen here at Podgorica-Golubovci International airport on 17 September. It is the newest firefighting aircraft to join Aviation-Helicopter Unit. The aircraft now wears recenlty applied Montenegrin civil registration 4O-EAD (s/n

  • China Performs Aerial Pesticide Application Experiments

    China Performs Aerial Pesticide Application Experiments0

    http://news.agropages.com/News/NewsDetail—27305.htm In order to regulate the operation of aerial pesticide application and enhance the effect of crop protection products, from June to August 2018, the China National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center has allied with various aerial crop protection-oriented business entities to conduct a series of aerial pesticide application experiments in the rice and corn