HAI Begins Search for New President

After announcing the retirement of CEO Matt Zuccaro in July 2019, the Helicopter Association International (HAI) announced that it would begin the search for a replacement for the role today in a press release. HAI stated that the organization is seeking highly qualified individuals to apply for the position of president and CEO of the

Israeli Defense Force Shoots at Crop Duster by Mistake

Golan Heights, Israel – An aerial application flight had a potentially tragic outcome this week as Israel’s Defense Force (IDF) opened fire on a civilian Agricultural aircraft after mistaking it for an enemy aircraft. “IDF troops operating on the Golan Heights spotted a plane that they suspected of being an enemy aircraft that infiltrated from

Bern Prewitt, Sr., Long Time Aerial Applicator and Industry Advocate, Passes

Marion Bern Prewitt, Sr., owner-operator of Boyle Flying Service in Mississippi, passed away last week.  Prewitt was 81 years old and a life-long resident of Bolivar County, Mississippi. Prewitt served on the NAAA Board for a number of years.  In addition he served as Vice President in 2005.  He was also active in the Mississippi

Thistle Caterpillars Deluge in Siouxland Moves Farmers to Aerial Attacks

SIOUX CITY — People scanning the rural skyline recently in Siouxland have had a good chance of seeing a host of planes and helicopters spraying fields. That was true in late July and now into August, with planes swooping and laying down mists over fields near Kingsley, Moville, Lawton and Correctionville, plus many other locations,

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    • 360-degree cameras?

      360-degree cameras?0

      While most of you, at least in the northern hemisphere, are buckling down working through the peak of the spray season, I’m sitting here in 95°F heat in Georgia planning for a 16-day trip to Brazil and Uruguay. I’ll get a break from the heat with these countries being in their winter. But, the last

    • $1,500 a Pound?0

      I was steak shopping the other day at the local butcher shop. I noted the price of the filet mignon at a staggering $22.99 a pound. Well, at least you are not paying for the weight of the bone. In the meat tray next to the filet was very nice and inviting center cut thick

    • LATN – What is it?

      LATN – What is it?0

      LATN – What is it?  I look back on May with sadness. Two U.S. ag-operators lost their sons; one in a general aviation aircraft and the other in an Air Tractor. Ironically, this edition of AgAir Update features a father and two sons from Brazil with ag-operations and an aerobatic team. In 2015, the father


    Hands On Flying

    • Patience0

      Patience. They say it’s a virtue, but it’s not one that many of us have in any sort of adequate quantity. We are a ‘Get there and get it done’ sort of crowd, especially when the books are getting filled and the growers are calling. Weeds are forming their own crop rotations, fungus is traversing

    • That Little Voice0

      We were flying a field that I’d never flown before. It was a good deal with a three-mile run and a low wire to hop on the north edge of the second section. There were some big, tall wires on the west edge, but they were pretty much out of the way.  Upon arriving at

    • Fertilizer challenges0

      It’s usually the thing we lead off with when the season starts; truckloads of fertilizer rolling into the airport and being staged at various remote air strips across the country.  The thing I like about dry work is it cycles quick. You’re flying a little higher, so the wires and trees are a little easier


    In My Opinion

    • My Mistake0

      After 54 years of various type flying, navy carrier pilot, corporate pilot, ag-pilot and CFII, retired I am content to sit on my porch on the edge of the Mississippi Delta have a cold adult beverage and listen to those beautiful ag-engines (especially round engines). I thank God that I am still above ground and

    • Boo Ray and Ag Flying0

      When I was in high school and college, on weekends and sometimes during the week, we would have a friendly (usually) poker game. Often times we would play “Boo Ray.”  Boo Ray is a five-card gambling game that I am sure must have originated in south Louisiana amongst the Cajuns. It is a blood thirsty

    • Prop Arcs and Complacency0

      Many, many years ago when I was flying old Grumman S-2E Trackers off the USS Randolph then the USS Yorktown, there was a general policy that no one ever walked through the arc a propeller would make, even, of course, while the engine is not running (duh!).   In 1970, I was in the US