• AirSouth Teams up with Assured Partners Aerospace

    AirSouth Teams up with Assured Partners Aerospace

    • June 1, 2019

    AirSouth Insurance is pleased to announce we have joined forces with one of the largest independent aviation insurance brokers in the country, AssuredPartners. This move will provide our customers with the same great service, plus access to more markets and competitive products than ever before. What’s more, Gerald Andrews and Don Peters are still actively

  • NAAA Releases 2019 Aerial Application Industry Survey Results

    NAAA Releases 2019 Aerial Application Industry Survey Results

    • May 22, 2019

    ALEXANDRIA, VA – May 22, 2019 – Seven years after the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) conducted its last comprehensive industry survey, new insights about the U.S. aerial application industry have emerged thanks to a landmark survey of Part 137 operators and pilots conducting agricultural operations. The 2019 NAAA Aerial Application Industry Survey confirms aerial application is

    By NAAA
  • Air Tractor Welcomes New Quality Control Manager

    Air Tractor Welcomes New Quality Control Manager

    • May 16, 2019

    Air Tractor, Inc. announced the recent addition of Manuel Vijarro as the company’s Director of Quality. He will lead Air Tractor’s quality assurance/quality control efforts encompassing raw materials and components sourcing, manufacturing and aircraft assembly processes. “Manuel brings a high level of experience and expertise to our quality control programs. We are quite pleased to

  • Air Tractor Releases 800th Aircraft in AT-802 Series

    Air Tractor Releases 800th Aircraft in AT-802 Series

    • May 15, 2019

    Olney, Texas aircraft manufacturer Air Tractor, Inc. passed a major production milestone with the recent delivery of the 800th aircraft in the AT-802 series. The 800-gallon capacity airplane, Air Tractor’s largest, took off from Air Tractor on a northeast heading toward its new home in Arkansas to work as a single engine air tanker. The


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  • LATN – What is it?

    LATN – What is it?0

    LATN – What is it?  I look back on May with sadness. Two U.S. ag-operators lost their sons; one in a general aviation aircraft and the other in an Air Tractor. Ironically, this edition of AgAir Update features a father and two sons from Brazil with ag-operations and an aerobatic team. In 2015, the father

  • You bought what?

    You bought what?0

    I’ve stated before the ag-aviation industry should embrace drones instead of viewing them as the “enemy”. My argument has always been, and still is, that the demand for the technology and dollars it would take to effectively compete with an ag-plane does not exist. However, I can foresee an ag-operator using one for imaging (complete

  • Pet Peeves0

    There are two pet peeves that I have harbored for a long time, and wanted to comment upon. In full disclosure, these peeves do not relate to ag-aviation, at least not directly. But, they do reflect upon the greenwashing of Americans and to a great degree the rest of the world; plastic vs paper drinking


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  • Patience0

    Patience. They say it’s a virtue, but it’s not one that many of us have in any sort of adequate quantity. We are a ‘Get there and get it done’ sort of crowd, especially when the books are getting filled and the growers are calling. Weeds are forming their own crop rotations, fungus is traversing

  • That Little Voice0

    We were flying a field that I’d never flown before. It was a good deal with a three-mile run and a low wire to hop on the north edge of the second section. There were some big, tall wires on the west edge, but they were pretty much out of the way.  Upon arriving at

  • Fertilizer challenges0

    It’s usually the thing we lead off with when the season starts; truckloads of fertilizer rolling into the airport and being staged at various remote air strips across the country.  The thing I like about dry work is it cycles quick. You’re flying a little higher, so the wires and trees are a little easier


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  • Prop Arcs and Complacency0

    Many, many years ago when I was flying old Grumman S-2E Trackers off the USS Randolph then the USS Yorktown, there was a general policy that no one ever walked through the arc a propeller would make, even, of course, while the engine is not running (duh!).   In 1970, I was in the US

  • The most insidious danger0

    It was around 12:30 PM, September 13, 1971 (not a Friday), when I rolled my Pawnee up in a ball and spent the next four months in the burn unit at Fort Sam Houston Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. I had been a Navy carrier pilot, and was trying to build sufficient time to

  • A Few Incidental Comments0

    It has been suggested to me by another ag pilot friend that I write about some of the safety-related items that we teach.  A lot of this will be “old hat” to many of you or maybe more like “preaching to the choir.” I have been asked on several occasions, “How fast are you going