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NAAA Targets Hundreds of Thousands of Nationwide Ag Retailers and Farmers with Ad Buys and Articles to Hire Aerial Application Services

The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) is significantly focusing on external communications through Farm Journal’s widely circulated publications touting the benefits of aerial application and hiring ag pilots to handle spraying work.


NAAA is contributing articles and continuing ads throughout Farm Journal publications, which have a potential circulation of 150,000 ag retailers, crop consultants and farmers nationwide! These ads promote aerial application services and allow readers to search the location of NAAA operator member aerial applicator businesses in the “Find an Aerial Applicator” database.


NAAA’s “Above All Other Forms of Crop Care” ad has been featured each week in March and will be placed each week in April in AgWeb, one of Farm Journal Media’s major newsletters. Additionally, the ad has appeared multiple times in February, March and April in Farm Journal’s The Daily Scoop eNewsletter.


NAAA is contributing a column to The Scoop‘s monthly publication for four months in 2024. The column promotes aerial application services and their benefits and guides readers to the Find an Aerial Applicator database. The first column, titled “Precision Technology Advancements in Aerial Application,” debuted in The Scoop’s February issue and The Daily Scoop eNewsletter, with the second column, “Tips to Evaluate an Aerial Applicator” appearing in the March 2024 edition. Read the articles at www.thedailyscoop.com/magazines and sign up for a free copy of The Scoop’s magazine and eNewsletter at www.thedailyscoop.com.


NAAA’s history of promoting aerial application services through national ads in agricultural trade media dates back to 2017. Last year, advertisements were placed in AgWebThe Daily Scoop, and the CropLife News newsletter. In previous years, the “Above All Other Forms of Crop Care” ad campaign appeared in publications such as The ScoopAgProCropLife magazine, and Farm Journal magazine.



If you’re an aerial application operator who would like to be listed on the “Find an Aerial Applicator” database, join NAAA by calling (202) 546-5722 or visiting AgAviation.org/membership.  The single most effective way you can address the range of critical issues facing your business is by joining NAAA. The payoff far exceeds what you will spend in dues in the form of positive industry marketing, effective advocacy, national representation, education and safety programs and the personal connections you will make as you participate in association activities.





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