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NZAero Debuts the 750XL Falco-MK2

Introducing the 750XL FALCO-MK2, the latest offering from NZAero, poised to revolutionize
agricultural aviation. With its New Zealand roots growing from 08-600 Cresco, this aircraft evolved
into the PAC750 utility aircraft and now, with the upgraded engine and performance, into the 750XL

The 750XL FALCO-MK2 introduces cutting-edge features, setting new industry standards:
1. XSTOL Capability – This Extreme Short Take-off and Landing aircraft outperforms the
competition by operating from the shortest fields.
2. Rugged Tricycle Undercarriage: Confidently go where no other agricultural aircraft can
operate with less training time for the flight crew.
3. Exceptional Manoeuvrability: Enjoy stable handling when fully loaded, ensuring safety
and control at low speeds in a craft that can carry its weight and a 3000L
4. Fuel Efficiency: Operating more quietly and with a 10% reduction in fuel consumption than
earlier models.
Manufactured by NZAero, Cresco and its big brother, 750XL FALCO-MK2, are synonymous with
dependability, durability, and top-tier craftsmanship. Whether in agriculture, passenger transport,
defense, firefighting, surveying, or surveillance, NZAero supports you in finding land possibilities
anywhere your operation takes you. For more information, visit www.aerospace.co.nz or get in
touch with us at aircraft@aerospace.co.nz
About NZAero:
NZAero is the premier commercial aircraft manufacturer in New Zealand, known for producing and
supporting robust, adaptable aircraft trusted worldwide. Innovation and quality define their legacy
in the aviation industry.





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