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A new mission for Valley Air Crafts

Valley Air Crafts is the exclusive authorized Air Tractor Dealer for California. Mike Schoenau and his team of highly qualified aircraft mechanics have been providing aircraft maintenance, parts, and service to aerial applicators since 1984. As an experienced mechanic and pilot, it is common practice for Mike to jump into one of his aircraft or service trucks for a trek across the state to conduct an inspection, complete a repair, or change an engine to keep his AG customers working.

In 2014, Mike significantly expanded the scope of his Air Tractor dealership by delivering the first of eight new Air Tractor AT-802As to a new aerial fire-fighting customer based in Chico, CA. Air Spray USA, an offshoot of its parent company, Air Spray (1967), Inc. from Alberta, Canada, purchased some of the assets from Aero Union, and hired a significant number of former employees from the now defunct air tanker operator. Air Spray USA has secured several Federal and State contracts for its current fleet of six amphibious AT-802A Fire Bosses and two AT-802A SEATs.

Mike has recently submitted a proposal to the LA County Board of Supervisors and the County’s Fire Chief offering the AT-802A Fire Boss as a cost effective alternative or supplement to the LACFD’s rotary wing fleet and leased CL-415s from Quebec. Mike has patiently watched fire agencies in California struggle with severe fire conditions and extended fire seasons. “There are more than 300 AT-802s and 80 Fire Bosses in fire service around the world. Over 75 of those AT-802s and 11 Fire Bosses are currently on contract across the United States. Given the worldwide success of the AT-802 and the amphibious scooper Fire Boss as wildland-urban interface fire-fighters, it is time for fire agencies in Southern California to seriously consider the AT-802A as another “tool in the toolbox” that will enhance their rapid initial attack capability while saving millions of dollars in aircraft operating costs, fire losses, and total suppression costs”.








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