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GarrCo Products Announces New and Improved Crop Biostimulant Technology

Stimulate™ by GarrCo Products now includes a new inoculate strain for. This allows seed treatment without adding inoculant. Stimulate™ is a highly successful crop growth stimulant that contains dozens of specially selected beneficial microorganisms that have proven in field trials to improve crop health and increase yield. Stimulatemicroorganisms convert unavailable soil nutrients to available forms and product symbiotic and non-symbiotic nitrogen, plant hormones, vitamins, and other substances throughout the growing season and now eliminates the need to add inoculant.


Stimulate biostimulant is all natural and effective on a wide range of crops. It contains naturally occurring, non-genetically modified, non-pathogenic microorganisms. Incontrast, most biostimulants are nutritional supplements that only feed the native microbes and do not contain living microorganisms. Stimulate is a highly concentratedformulation of living microorganisms that can be applied with starter in-furrow, 2×2 band or seed treatment. It is also effective as a broadcast spray with fertilizer or pesticide applications on the soil or foliar.




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