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Transland Stands Strong

All of us at Transland would like to take a moment to acknowledge the strain that covid-19 has placed in our communities and around the globe. It has been a tough year navigating through all the challenges this year has brought. We want you to know all your friends at Transland continue to work hard and make every effort to support this great industry. We hope to still see many of you at this year’s Ag Aviation Expo, while contact is reduced, we are still very excited to catch up with old friends and make new ones at the Savannah, Georgia expo. As we manage through 2020 into the 2021 year, we will be attending every opportunity we can to speak with our customers in person at all state shows and fly-ins. Transland stands strong with the aerial applicator industry and will continue to deliver dependable equipment for aerial applicators and fire fighters.

At Transland we have some exciting new developments available. With the recent addition of Satloc to the Transland Family in 2018, we set out to create a complete system that joined the two product lines. The Transland 7.5” hydraulic gate box system for dry application was the first to be connected in 2019 using the Satloc G4 and IF2 controller. In this new system customers can operate their hydraulic gate system all within their Satloc G4 GPS unit eliminating additional screens in the cockpit and simplifying control, be able to manage gate settings and use auto settings to operate the gate when approaching the field. Also newly released in 2020, applicators with the 5” manual gate box that comes standard on all Air Tractor aircraft can easily convert to a hydraulic system with Satloc control in an affordable conversion kit or purchase a complete system directly from your dealer. Transland offers dry gate options for many different aircraft and continues to lead the industry for dry gate systems.

Transland’s nozzle division CP Products has released an improved poppet diaphragm for the CP-04 check valve. This new assembly gives a superior hold and seal eliminating dribbling issues from past design. The diaphragm material is a special mixture of materials giving strength and extended life that beats out all the competition. In testing, results showed the new diaphragms anti-leak holding pressure is more than double the leading competitor and can last three times longer before needing replacement. We are currently working on more exciting improvements in our nozzle and check valve division coming soon.

Visit with us at booth 534 for information on all our newly released products and improvements.





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