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EOS, A Specialty PT6A Engine Shop

Engine Overhaul Services (EOS), strategically headquartered in the Miami suburb of Sweetwater, Florida got its start from a growing demand for specialty turbine engine repair and overhaul shops, specifically the PT6A, that put customer service and craftsmanship at the forefront of their business models. The company’s mission is to always keep safety and integrity at the forefront of everything it does. Jose A. Bergouignan, Jr. and George Betancourt set out to do just that after a happenstance meeting in the mid-1980s. Both men were working at a large engine shop in the area, focusing on PT6A and PT6T TwinPac engines and combining gearboxes until they realized the need for a shop that specializes in the work they were doing on a broader scale.

Jose left the Marine Corps as a crew chief in 1986. He holds an A&P license with over 38 years of experience in aviation, as well as associate and Bachelor Degrees in Aviation. He worked with Dallas Airmotive for seven years on PT6A-20 thru PT6A-67 engine models. He also worked with Woodgroup Turbopower for five years that included the PT6T-3/3B/6 model engines and combining gearboxes.

George holds an A&P license with over 35 years of experience in aviation on PT6A and PT6T engines. He has an Associate’s Degree in Aviation Management. He also was employed at Dallas Airmotive/Airwork for 14 years working on PT6A-20 thru PT6A-42 engine models and Woodgroup Turbopower for four years working on PT6T-3/3B engine models.

Jose and George met each other while working at Airmotive/Airworks Miami operation.  The pair were focused on the PT6A, PT6T and TwinPac and after both simultaneously left their jobs in 2000, they started EOS to meet the needs of PT6 operators. After a lengthy process, in 2002 EOS became an FAA Repair Station. This allowed George and Jose to forge ahead with their business expansion.

EOS started out in an 1,100 sq. ft. facility that was quickly upgraded to a 5,000 sq. ft. to satisfy their customer base. They have been at their current 8,000 Sq. ft. location since 2017.

Moving to the larger facility also broadened the company’s focus on the PT6 series of turbine engines. A dedicated test cell was added, the only one of its kind. The test cell is housed inside a 45-foot modular container, complete with a new 2,400 Horsepower Dyno. This arrangement gives EOS unparalleled ability to diagnose and repair PT6 engine problems, as well as test and certify their overhauls and repairs.

The team of Engine Overhaul Services.

Once the company started supporting the PT6A engine, from the -20 to the -68 series, more employees were needed to accommodate the increased work orders for these engines. The additional manpower and equipment allowed EOS to repair specific parts of the engine, instead of a blanket replacement of parts. They also have a dedicated team of field service representatives to handle AOG situations.

As part of EOS’s many services, a condition report with digital photographs is included with the work. This allows EOS to stay in constant contact with its customers, updating through the entire engine overhaul or repair process. Progress updates are given after the dimensional, visual and non-destructive testing phases of the overhaul or repair process is completed. These updates require customer approval before proceeding with the work.

EOS’s AOG 24-hour field services include engine troubleshooting, removal and replacement. Hot sections inspections, torque calibration and starter gear carbon seal replacement, along with many other services.

EOS was awarded its EASA certification in 2015. The company also holds a Chilean Foreign Manufacturer’s Maintenance Facility (repair station) for the PT6A series engine. Additionally, EOS holds an Ecuadorian certification for overhaul and repair of the PT6A series engines.

The EOS service area extends from throughout the U.S. into Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. Ten employees make up the team with an additional three U.S. field service representatives.

Engine Overhaul Services is at the forefront of specialty engine shops and their location in southern Florida makes them ideal to service customers not only in the U.S., but in the Southern Hemisphere as well. The company strives to deliver reliable solutions, superior workmanship, and top-quality parts; all to meet their customers’ unique needs and to ensure their aircraft engines meet airworthiness at all times.


(L-R): Pablo Rodriguez, Jose Bergouignan, Jr., George Betancourt



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