Perfect Flight Focuses on Safety and Sustainability

Perfect Flight was born to bring aerial application traceability and management to the next level by breathing agriculture, sustainability, environment, safety and technology. We are the world’s first and most complete aerial spray management and traceability platform. The objective of the Perfect Flight App system is to generate simultaneous spray analysis reports through the LOG files of the aircraft DGPS devices.

The use of crop protection products, despite being indispensable for the global production of food on a large scale, is often questioned if not applied correctly. It is useless to have the correct product if the applications are not well done. It is necessary to respect the following:

• Reliable Product

• Correct Application

• Timeliness of Application

Perfect Flight comes to the market with cloud technology to alleviate several problems related to aerial applications such as:

  • Lack of visibility of the application.
  • Poor route planning (excessive fuel costs).
  • Lack of management of unapplied areas (Infestation gateway for pests and diseases, in addition to decreased productivity)
  • The occurrence and control of off-target applications (drift, waste, contamination).
  • Overlapping applications (Obsolescence of molecules).
  • Lack of visibility of restricted areas (Beehives, animal breeding, permanent preservation area, etc.).
  • Lack of weather data and information on the best time for the application.

    The Perfect Flight app is the world’s most comprehensive aerial spray management system. The app is compatible with all DGPS on the market (GPS onboard the plane). Being a single management platform, Perfect Flight centralizes the information of the operation in a single and robust database. It allows the farmer to make a bold decision from what was planned to what was done.

Knowing where, when, and how the application was made is extremely important for the producer, and with the Perfect Flight application that becomes easier, sharper and more assertive.

Today, the company operates with the SAAS model. Whether producer or operator, the customer subscribes to the app for a usage license, paid monthly, and may be charged per aircraft used or per acre processed.

The Perfect Flight app allows for increased productivity by analyzing success rates, uniformity, failures, and losses within each application performed on crops and improving sustainable control through the proper planning of each flight and application window performed.

Since the company was founded, it has already supported the industry, working on 42 millions+ acres at this writing. The company has offices in the U.S. and Brazil, the two countries with the largest ag aviation fleet in the world.




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