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Chook Smashes Ag Pilot’s Windscreen ‘like a missile’

via Real Point Media

An ag pilot has walked away unscathed after an ibis smashed via the windscreen of his spray airplane that was traveling at near 300 kilometers per hour.

Jim Robins recorded a video of the carnage after the collision, displaying a useless ibis that had crashed into the cockpit of his airplane.

The video has been seen greater than 160,000 occasions on social media, with folks surprised that he was unhurt and was capable of safely land the airplane.

Mr Robins is a veteran ag pilot and proprietor of Robins Aviation, based mostly out of Kerang in northern Victoria.

He described to ABC Rural the second he collided with the ibis.

“I used to be out spraying some peas close to Quambatook and was simply ending a twig run and pulled up out of the paddock and appeared out the window to test the spray nozzles after I heard an almighty bang,” he stated.


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