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The perfect turbine barbecue recipe

Here is a very good recipe for barbecuing your turbine engine.

• One turbine engine
• One low battery
• One quart of fuel
• 20 seconds of rapid temp rise
• 30 seconds of concentration
• One quart of your best barbecue sauce

The ingredients can be mixed in a little at a time if you are fond of slow cooking, some people really like this. If you are into microwave cooking you can add all the ingredients at once.
Always start with a “good” turbine engine. Size is of no importance because the little ones just cook quicker. Don’t let the cooking time bother you, either. It takes only a few seconds longer to cook a large one.

A low battery is one of the main ingredients for speedy cooking. Since a turbine engine lives on lots of air, you can speed up the cooking process by using a low battery which reduces the spool speed and airflow into the engine and gives you a much higher cooking temperature.
Many people don’t like the taste of the fuel in the barbecue, but I have been unable to cook without it. I have learned how to remove almost all of the fuel flavor by adding the quart of fuel early in the start at a low turbine speed with lower air flow and the increase in temperature gets rid of most of the flavor.

Never get too excited about a rapid temperature rise because this is proof that the engine is cooking well and the fire is not going out. A rapid temperature rise always stops somewhere and can relieve the stresses in the engine by releasing the blades and vanes that restrict the airflow. (Caution. Don’t stand by exhaust during this cooking process.)

Maintain concentration on the task you are going to perform and don’t be distracted by the start because other things are much more important. Paying too much attention to the gages during the start may cause you to lose your train of thought and mess up the cooking of your engine.

The quart of barbecue sauce is to be sent to the turbine engine shop with your cooked engine so they can pour it over your cooked parts. It will make them taste better when you eat them.

Remember, for a well-cooked turbine engine barbecue always use a good recipe like this for the best barbecue. Happy cooking!






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