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Salt Lake City to Use USAF for Mosquito Control

Salt Lake City, Utah authorities this week announced a public consultation in relation to use of the United States Air Force (USAF) in addition to hiring aviation companies to bring the innovative readiness training program to the city.

The Innovative Readiness Training program is an initiative from the Department of Defense, centered on information exchange between military and civil organizations for operations involving aerial spraying, also involving logistics, security, medical and engineering support. The IRT program involves coordination as it relates to low flying in the Salt Lake City area as it relates to obstacle avoidance and environmental concerns and safety.  

the City of Salt Lake uses aircraft for mosquito control occurring annually that involves day and night application of larvicides and insecticides in wetlands west and north of Salt Lake City International Airport . According to entomologist and executive director of the Mosquito Control Department, Ary Faraji – as quoted in an article on ABC 4, the city has employed aerial applications when the level of mosquito infestation exceeds the capacity of other ground control methods measured by insect traps distributed throughout the city.

The Air Force component of the IRT centers around the 910th Airlift Wing , from Air Reserve Base Youngstown, Ohio. This unit has a primary directive for emergency operations that also involves spraying for mosquitoes when natural disasters occur, focusing on preventing the proliferation of mosquito breeding and the related diseases carried by them.





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