• Ag Aviation in La República de Cuba

    Ag Aviation in La República de Cuba0

    By Austin Kornegay Ever since I was a kid I always heard my dad, Pat Kornegay, talking about this island in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba. Earlier this year I decided to check it out for myself and at first I thought it was going to be a hassle getting in. Not an issue at all.

  • A few thoughts about pilot complacency0

    Editors Note: Although this essay by James Wisecup is geared towards Helicopter EMS, there is valuable information here for agricultural operators and pilots. Ag aviation is a breeding ground for complacency, with long work hours and familiar work environments. The featured speaker at the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s 50th Anniversary convention, Colonel Mike Mullane labeled

  • Checklist for Pilots Subjected to Discharge of a Firearm Targeting an Ag Aircraft0

    If you or a pilot of yours is shot at while operating an ag aircraft, undoubtedly one of the main things going through your mind after the initial shock subsides is what to do and who to call to report the shooting. NAAA has prepared a checklist on how to respond in the event someone