• Oakland, Iowa-Praxidyn announces the new Mixmate Flow Stack

    Oakland, Iowa-Praxidyn announces the new Mixmate Flow Stack0

    The Mixmate Flow Stack is an automated chemical blending and recordkeeping system designed for bulk chemicals. The new software and electronics support a manifold of four valves to automatically route three bulk chemical inputs and rinse water through a single flowmeter. The system has two flowmeter options, an oval gear flowmeter and a magmeter. Both

  • Praxidyn Introduces Mixmate Fusion

    Praxidyn Introduces Mixmate Fusion0

    The new Mixmate Fusion by Praxidyn measures by flow for automatic chemical mixing from bulk products and a specially designed plastic inductor which measures by weight combining the best Mixmate features in a compact and economical package.  This new plastic inductor with a stainless steel frame design has a high flow rate rinsing system for