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The Value of NAAA Membership? Huge

All new and renewing members in 2017 will receive a DVD of NAAA’s 50th anniversary documentary
This past year—NAAA’s 50th anniversary—represents another year in which the association has further strengthened the agricultural aviation industry. NAAA was instrumental in urging Congress to enact legislation requiring marking and a federal database for towers under 200 feet. This public law will save ag pilot lives and represents what NAAA tries to accomplish for the industry.
NAAA ensures that agricultural aviation has a strong voice with the government and public. We bring operators, pilots, allied companies and other supporters together to promote and protect the agricultural aviation industry and secure the longevity of our industry. NAAA membership offers all this value and more when you join or renew your membership for 2017.
Protecting Your Industry: NAAA is committed to improving the public’s perception of aerial application and influencing public policy in a way that is beneficial to your business interests by preventing unnecessary and overly burdensome regulations and taxes. NAAA has saved the industry millions of dollars each year in fuel tax exemption savings alone. The average operator saves roughly $3,000 or more per aircraft—that’s six times greater than the cost of an NAAA operator membership. NAAA also raises federal funding for aerial application research and development of new technologies to mitigate risk and increase safety with crop protection products. Since 2002 NAAA has been successful in lobbying the government for an additional $7.7 million in federal funding for aerial application research. Can you imagine having to hire the resource to advocate to lobbyists, government agencies and policy makers to make all this happen—NAAA does all of this on your behalf!
Educating the Public: NAAA informs consumers, the media and policy makers about the value of agricultural aviation and promotes a positive image of the industry by reaching out to national newspapers, radio and television stations. NAAA reaches the public directly through social media by leveraging its 4,000 Facebook followers. NAAA also attends national events including EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., and regional agricultural or aviation related conferences to spread the word about the importance of agricultural aviation as well as recruit the next generation of ag pilots.
Helping Ag Pilots Stay Safe: Educational programs offered by NAAA and its sister organization, the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation (NAAREF), reinforce and help you implement safety protocols at your operation, in the cockpit and even while you’re still learning the industry. From the Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS) to Operation S.A.F.E. pattern-testing clinics to the annual convention sessions, participation in NAAA and NAAREF’s programs help keep regulators away, accident and drift incidents down and help you earn potential CEUs and receive insurance discounts. Since 1998, the year the PAASS Program hit the stage, the industry has seen the rate of ag aviation accidents per 100,000 hours flown decrease by 21.26 percent. Drift claims decreased even more dramatically. The Association of American Pesticide Control Officials completed two drift studies using information compiled from state pesticide enforcement lead agencies for the periods before and after PAASS hit the stage. The first gathered information for the three-year period from 1996 to 1998, when verified claims averaged 333 claims per year. A second survey covered the years 2002 to 2004. Average annual claims reported for this period was 247—26 percent fewer claims than the pre-PAASS average.
Keeping you Connected: NAAA membership deepens existing relationships and allows you to meet new people and make lucrative business connections with allied companies who provide you with parts, services and equipment you need to run your business. NAAA keeps you up to date on the latest issues affecting your business through Agricultural Aviation, the NAAA eNewsletter, our annual convention and a variety of other resources.
Your membership provides NAAA with the advocacy resources to foster support within our government for aerial application issues and educate government officials about the important role our industry plays in agricultural production and public health protection. Important challenges we continue to face and are working on to protect the industry include:
• Eliminating unnecessary, duplicative and burdensome NPDES permitting requirements for aerial pesticide applications over or near water.
• Ensuring the safety of low-flying ag aircraft as the FAA integrates drones into the airspace.
• Opposing efforts to eliminate our fuel tax exemption, levy user fees for agricultural aircraft flights, and increase depreciation schedules for ag aircraft purchases.
• Obtaining federal funding for USDA aerial application research, enhancing the industry’s stewardship and efficiency.
If you aren’t a member yet, the single-most effective way you can address the range of critical issues facing your business is by joining NAAA. The payoff far exceeds what you will spend in dues in the form of effective advocacy, national representation, education and safety programs and the personal connections you will make as you participate in association activities. To join, call 202-546-5722 or visit AgAviation.org/membership.
All new and renewing NAAA members during the 2017 membership year will receive a DVD of NAAA’s 50th anniversary documentary. The documentary explores key drivers of the association’s development and growth over the course of NAAA’s history, as well as the essence of what makes NAAA “NAAA.” Several bonus features are also included on the 50th anniversary DVD. Get your copy today!

2016 NAAA Highlight
Federal Tower Marking Victory
NAAA made history in 2016 with the passage of federal legislation requiring the FAA to establish marking requirements and a tower database for towers between 50 and 200 feet erected in areas of aerial application traffic. NAAA had been pursuing marking requirements for more than a decade! The FAA must now develop specific rules and penalties for these sub-200-foot towers.

2016 NAAA Highlight
Advancing UAV Safety
Another successful outcome that came to fruition in 2016 for NAAA was successfully persuading the FAA to lower the ceiling for drone activity from 500 to 400 feet in its final Part 107 regulations for small unmanned aircraft. By lowering the ceiling, the resulting 100-foot buffer offers protections for ag aircraft ferrying above 500 feet.

2016 NAAA Highlight
Ag Aviation Recruiting Efforts
Exhibiting at EAA’s AirVenture 2016 last summer was a big hit for NAAA and its allied partners, Air Tractor, Thrush and Flying Tiger. NAAA came away from the event with 155 prospective ag pilot contacts and promoted the importance of agricultural aviation by distributing its new brochure, “Flying for Your Food and Much More!”

2016 NAAA Highlight
NAAA’s 50th Anniversary
NAAA celebrated its history in 2016 by commemorating the association’s 50th anniversary. NAAA explored its history through a series of articles in Agricultural Aviation, six 50th anniversary “flashback” videos distributed through the NAAA eNewsletter and on NAAA’s Facebook page, and a full-length documentary that premiered at the 2016 NAAA Convention. As an added bonus, all new and renewing members in 2017 will receive a DVD of NAAA’s 50th anniversary documentary.






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