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NAAHOF Inductee Spotlight

Clarksdale, Mississippi
Inducted 1992

Co-founder of Mississippi Valley Aircraft Service; Assisted in organizing National Agricultural Aviation Association; Twice recipient of NAAA Outstanding Service Award, 1973 and 1981; NAAA Falcon Club member, 1991; author, “Low and Slow, an insider’s history of agricultural aviation”.

Mabry I. Anderson began flying during World War II. At the war’s end (1946), was co-founder of Mississippi Valley Aircraft Service in Clarksdale, Mississippi. This firm became a leader in the manufacture and sale of spraying and dusting equipment for agricultural aircraft. Also, it was one of the largest custom application firms in the country.

Mississippi Valley Aircraft Service (MVAS) built and offered for sale the first satisfactory spraying system for the Stearman aircraft. The Aero Mist-Master system was sold by the hundreds to all states doing ag flying and into many foreign countries as well.

MVAS built and sold the patented Instant-Change Unit for Stearmans, which made it possible to switch from dust to spray by merely pulling a lever. These units were sold all over the world.

MVAS received the Supplemental Type Certificate for installing 300 hp Lycoming radial engines on Stearman aircraft, designated as the A75L300.

Upon selling Mississippi Valley Aircraft Service in 1970, Anderson assumed the position of Executive Director of the Mississippi AAA, a position that he has held until recently upon his retirement.

Mabry Anderson was one of the organizers and charter signers of the Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association in 1956. He served four terms as president of the Association. He was one of the organizers and promoters of the National Agricultural Aviation Association. He received the Honorary Lifetime Membership award from the MsAAA. Anderson promoted and was instrumental in the formation of the National Agricultural Aviation Museum housed in Jackson, Mississippi. He has served as a member of the Museum Foundation Board.

Mabry Anderson, most notable for, has preserved the history of agricultural aviation with his book, Low and Slow, an insider’s history of agricultural aviation. The book was featured in a series in NAAA’s Agricultural Aviation magazine, was published in its first printing by FMC Corporation for distribution, its second printing by the author, and is currently in its third printing by AgAir Update, amounting to several thousand copies being distributed worldwide.

Mabry Anderson


NAAHOF Inductees is a series of articles featuring the inductees to the National Agricultural Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame. Although some of the information is limited, including in some cases unknown induction years, it is the best compilation available from The National Agricultural Aviation Museum, the NAAHOF Nominations Board of Directors, the NAA Museum Board of Directors and Mabry Anderson’s book, Low and Slow.

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