Forest Protection Limited is Global Leader in Aerial Application

Forest Protection Limited is a Global Leader in Aerial Application

Forest Protection Limited is excited to be a part of this year’s Ag Aviation Expo especially after all the uncertainty associated with the last year and a half. Nonetheless, like many other companies in this industry, throughout the pandemic, we persevered and adjusted our operations to ensure we could continue to provide our services.

Since our participation in 2019’s Expo, we’ve grown our team, and our fleet’s capacity, while also refreshing our brand. We’re looking forward to sharing our updates with old and new acquaintances in Savannah and you’ll find us at booth #405 near the Air Tractor and Portage Aircraft Specialties Ltd booths.

Until then, here is a little insight into our company.

About Us

Forest Protection Limited (FPL) is a global leader in full spectrum forest health management and a centre of excellence in aerial work. We champion strong, healthy forests and climate change mitigation through fire fighting, research and development, and pest management. Our unique set of specializations help forest practitioners to preserve and promote forest health.

When our forests are healthy, they play a vital role in sustaining our ecosystems, our communities, and our economies. As a result, our stakeholders trust us to preserve and promote the sustainability of this important natural resource.

Did You Know?

FPL has a rich history. Over 69 years FPL has demonstrated excellence in aerial application and forest fire response and quick attack while being a Transport Canada licensed 702 Aerial Work Operator and Approved Maintenance Organization.

We are a vanguard of safe pesticide technology. FPL was a founding member of the Spray


Efficiency Research Group, SERG-I, which includes partner organizations from the USA. FPL remains on the Board and has a significant role in the Group’s management.

FPL is a pioneer in the use of offset spraying. Using precision GPS tracking with aircraft-based meteorology and an advanced predictive AG-NAV® guidance system, FPL’s Accuair® Aerial Management System (AMS) automatically determines flight path offset to ensure a minimal off-target spray drift. The Accuair® system is designed to exceed aerial application guidance and control requirements.

FPL provides turnkey aerial application services. Since our inception we have been a leader in aerial forest pest management leveraging technology that we helped pioneer. Our team collaborates with customers in project planning, and we manage large-scale operations from multiple bases. In the air, our fleet of eight AT802s can be configured for ultra-low volume applications while using drift reduction technology to ensure cost-effectiveness and accuracy.


We can provide Aerial Firefighting services to jurisdictions across North America. Our Air Tractor AT-802s can be used for a variety of forest firefighting requirements. Our aerial fire teams consisting of tankers and support aircraft carry loading staff, equipment, and licensed maintenance staff to minimize downtime.

Learn more at our website,, and come meet some of the team at our booth.




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