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Agriculture Aviators Need More Pilots – Jim Perrin Interview

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BANCROFT, Wis. — Jim Perrin has been busier than ever in 2022.

Perrin is an agricultural aviator based out of Bancroft in Portage County. His company, Agricair Flying Service, has been working nonstop for weeks to treat Wisconsin’s cropland. Fields that are untreated with pesticide can fall to disease and die.

“We’ve been flying as hard as we’ve ever flown, hard enough that last weekend we finally decided that we had to take a day off before we had a problem,” Perrin said.

He said agricultural aviation operations throughout the country are struggling to keep up with the demand for their services because there simply aren’t enough pilots in his industry.

“This year I know of operations that have got airplanes sitting empty because they can’t [get] qualified pilots to fly them,” he said. “The pilot shortage is hitting all facets of aviation and we’re no different.”

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