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Homeland Spring 2024 | Agricultural Aviation

Flying spray planes is a dangerous occupation, but an exciting one, and the adrenaline rush that Perry Hofer gets from flying for his customers has kept him hooked for over 40 years. Hofer is from Doland, South Dakota where he farms and raises cattle with his family while also operating Doland Aerial Spraying with son, Mikel.

“We keep busy all year long, farming, spraying and taking care of the cattle,” Hofer says. “Our spraying season might start around May first, roughly, and then it’s just kind of like a crescendo as it builds up. If the weather allows you to fly, you’re out there.”

July and August are usually spent flying hard fertilizing corn, then putting fungicide and insecticide on corn and soybeans and then it slowly tapers off. This last year, Hofer was flying into November spraying pastures.

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