• Siding up with Nebraska operator

    Siding up with Nebraska operator0

    “Come on Bill, we’ll be blown out by lunch and will be waiting on you.” Mike Sides, of Sides Aerial Applications based in Bartley and Cambridge, Nebraska had just responded to my text to let him know we were on schedule and would be arriving mid-afternoon. Like many of the Plains states in June, the

  • Change in the Air: Rethinking old strategies to win a new wildfire war

    Change in the Air: Rethinking old strategies to win a new wildfire war0

    Today, U.S. wildfires burn on average more than three times the number of acres per fire than just a few decades ago. The increasing size and intensity has caused suppression and recovery costs to dramatically increase, culminating last year when the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) spent more money battling wildfires than it ever has –

  • 502XP in rice country

    502XP in rice country1

    Ag-Cats have been a mainstay in southwest Louisiana and northern California for many, many years. Short ferries, smaller fields and aircraft familiarity have kept this iconic airframe in service in these parts of the country. The Ag-Cat fleet now is mostly powered by turbine engines, with a few radial machines populating various nooks throughout the

  • Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil

    Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil0

    Although the radial engine for an ag-plane in the United States was the mainstay before the advent of turbine powered ag-aircraft, the engine never gained much popularity in Brazil. During the early years of radial engine use in Brazil, obtaining support and a parts inventory was difficult. Today, even fewer of these radial engines are

  • 770 Fire Angel poised for Australia1

    In December 2017, The Aerotech Group, based in Kent Town, SA Australia, took possession of its new 710P Thrush. The purchase was made through Campbell Briggs of Statewide Aviation, Australia’s Thrush dealer, based in Moree NSW. The aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6A-67AG engine. This may have seemed an unusual purchase to

  • Corr and son travel to Australia0

    NATA Education Director, Certified S.A.F.E. Analyst Agri-Spray Constulting Web site: agrisprayconsulting.com My son, Carson, and I had the opportunity to spend five weeks in Australia last summer pattern testing aircraft. Everything had been lined up by Adam Hooper, Program Manager for the Aerial Application Association of Australia and after our arrival we spent a few