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Many operators are familiar with Davidon, a company originally formed in 1995 by David Chancey in Unadilla, Georgia for the manufacture of DRP-955 adjuvant and Hi-Tek rotary atomizers. These two products addressed an area in the aerial application business that David felt needed improvement with application and accuracy. Since it formation, Davidon has brought a variety of spray equipment technology to ag-aviation. David sold Hi-Tek Atomizers and many other products developed by Davidon to Transland in 2017, retaining the DRP-955 adjuvant product line. 

Fast forward to 2019. An enterprising couple, Tristin and Stacey Drury from coastal Georgia purchased Davidon from David to bring new and innovative products to the newly debuted Davidon Agri-Systems. Tristin has a background in machining, having sold a machine shop to focus his efforts on rebranding and refocusing their new company. David will retain ownership of the DRP-955 adjuvants. 

Today, Davidon Agri-Systems is debuting its MaXX product line of nozzles and booms; Tri-MaXX hydraulic nozzle, Agri-MaXX rotary atomizers, Mosquito-MaXX rotary atomizers and the Volu-MaXX aluminum boom. Each of these products have been refined and tested, incorporating the latest in manufacturing technology and efficacy.

The Tri-MaXX is a hydraulic nozzle with three custom orifice and deflection angles, depending an operator’s preference. Tri-MaXXs are made from hard-coated anodized aluminum, which adds strength and durability to the product.

The Agri-MaXX is a rotary atomizer with a revolutionary blade design to improve droplet size, averaging between 300-305 micron. The Agri-MaXX is made of hard-coated anodized aluminum. The atomizers are almost maintenance-free, only requiring greasing about every 100 hours of use. The atomizers come with a one-year warranty. Davidon Agri-System’s refurbishment program adds another one-year warranty. Teflon blade technology is also on the drawing board for the Agri-MaXX rotary atomizer.

Volu-MaXX aluminum booms add increased thickness to the extrusion process, which will allow up to a ¼” hole to be drilled into the boom. No adapters are necessary. The boom is made from 20-foot lengths of extruded aluminum blanks. The CNC milled ends slide over the boom before being welded, ensuring a secure and leakproof fit. The interior of the boom has two reinforcement areas that can accept full thread contact for Davidon Agri-System’s rotary atomizer boom attach kit and atomizers. The reinforced areas are located along the trailing edge and midway between the leading and trailing edges of the boom.

Davidon Agri-Systems is on the forefront of new aerial application systems design and implementation. The new company already has a dealer network in place; Sky Tractor Supply in Hillsboro, North Dakota and Pickett Equipment in Olive Branch, Mississippi for the U.S. and Gary Moffat/Specialized Spray in Canada. Davidon Agri-Systems has plans this year to further expand its dealer network. 

Later this year, Davidon Agri-Systems will be debuting a brand new nozzle line. With Tristin’s innovative background, the company is sure to add exciting new products to Davidon Agri-System’s product line. 

The two versions of Davidon Agri-Systems’s AgriMaXX

Tristin Drury holds Davidon Agri-System’s new AgriMaXX Rotary Atomizers

Davidon Agri-System’s new start of the art CNC machine.





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