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Trotter Controls ships DataVaults

AFF Press Release
Fort Worth, Texas, November 2016

Following a successful full season trial in Australia in 2015/16, Trotter Controls is pleased to announce the shipment of more than 35 DataVault units for Summer 2016/17. David Coward, DataVault Product Manager & Senior Developer, commented “We’re very pleased that we were able to satisfy NAFC’s world leading and demanding reporting criteria and proud that our customer network had the confidence to adopt our ground-breaking Message Interface”.

DataVault is a proven solution to the increasingly stringent reporting needs of aerial fire-fighting agencies worldwide. Already providing near real-time position and event reports from the aircraft via the Iridium satellite network, DataVault’s new Message Interface reduces pilot workload through a range of innovative data displays and inbound message communication. Examples include summary information about each sortie – engine run, flight times and drop volumes – as well as GPS functionality providing simple guidance based on task information transmitted to the device or pre-loaded waypoints.

“Our PC based simulator enabled us to involve our customers extensively in the design and development process.” added Marc Gerth, Operations & Engineering Manager. “The simulator demonstrates all the key features of the Message Interface and so provides an excellent out of cockpit means for pilots to familiarize themselves with its capabilities.”

“DataVault was conceived as a versatile telemetry and control platform.” said Victor Trotter, President & CTO. “We look forward to working with our dealers, customers and agencies worldwide to ensure that it continues to exceed their performance expectations in the seasons ahead.”
For further information about the DataVault family of products, contact our sales team at 817-535-2243 / sales@trottercontrols.com or find us on the web at www.trottercontrols.com






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