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Wipare visit to Spain

Simulator in Europe

Dale Fehrenbach and Jeff Hauck from Wipaire, the manufacturer of Fire Boss amphibious floats for Air Tractor’s AT-802, visited Air Tractor Europe’s facilities in Valencia, Spain in October of this year to finalize the order for a number of new Fire Boss float kits for Air Tractor Europe.

Fehrenbach and Hauck also visited the Valencia International airport, Paterna and Viver, where they toured Air Tractor Europe’s extensive maintenance facilities. Air Tractor Europe has an abundance of Air Tractor and Fire Boss parts in stock, a direct result of their “NO AOGs” policy.

Wipaire also toured Air Tractor Europe’s training facility, where their FTD Level 2 AT-802 simulator is based. At this EASA certified facility, Air Tractor Europe hosts a 96-hour/12-day training course for mechanics.

Air Tractor Europe’s AT-802 simulator is a unique example of art and technology. It is designed for pilots to earn checkouts on the AT-802 that includes operational and communications training in difficult fire environments. The emergency syllabus prepared by Air Tractor Europe allows a level of safety and preparation unique for any firefighting pilot.

Photo caption:

Dale Fehrenbach tries his hand at “flying” Air Tractor Europe’s FTD Level 2 AT-802 simulator in Spain.






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