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Turbine Conversions announce STC for Thrush

TURBINE CONVERSIONS, Ltd announces the addition of GE H Series Turboprop Engines to STC #SA00902CH for Thrush turbine conversions.

In 1998 Turbine Conversions, Ltd received STC #SA00902CH that approved the installation of Walters M601D-11 and M601E-11 turboprop on all series Thrush Aircraft. Over the past 20 years this TCL turbine conversion package has been well received worldwide. To keep with TCL’s mission of offering people quality turbine conversion kits that they are looking for President Bill Hatfield decided in 2015 to submit the application to the FAA to include the GE H Series turbo prop engines to the his original Thrush Aircraft STC.

GE’s H Series engines offer new technologies that deliver more shaft horsepower, improved engine fuel efficiency and increased temperature margin, significantly increasing hot-day takeoff capability and high-altitude performance.

The GE H Series is the perfect companion to TCL’s quality installation kit that includes a new firewall forward package to convert your current Thrush to turbine power. “TCL also now offers GE H Series engines directly to our customers as part of our conversion kits or make them available to existing TCL conversions owners to update out of time engines. ” says Bill Hatfield, President of Turbine Conversion, Ltd.

About Turbine Conversions, Ltd – Turbine Conversions, Ltd is a family owned and operated company that has specialized in the manufacturing of PMA parts and FAA approved innovative enhancements that improve safety and profitability for aircraft since 1990.

For more information contact Ann Hatfield – Grahek at 616-837-9428 or amgrahek@yahoo.com






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