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Section 556 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act required the FAA to initiate rulemaking to extend the duration of Aircraft Registration Certificates for all noncommercial general aviation aircraft from three years to seven years. The FAA cannot distinguish between commercial and noncommercial general aviation aircraft therefore, the FAA is extending the registration duration for all aircraft to seven years. 


Discussion: The following changes to part 47 are effective January 23, 2023. The FAA issued a direct to final rule on November 22, 2022, (Federal Register :: Increase the Duration of Aircraft Registration) that updates Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 47, § 47.40 to change the duration of the Certificate of Aircraft Registration from 3 years to 7 years. All current registrations will be updated retroactively to extend the Certificate’s duration to accommodate the full 7-year period. The final rule also removes the FAA’s requirement to issue letters of extension for Aircraft Registration Applications (the “Application”). The temporary authority to operate an airworthy U.S. aircraft within the United States without registration (i.e., while carrying a copy of the signed application in the aircraft) is valid until the applicant receives the Certificate or until the date the FAA denies the Application (see § 47.31(c)(1)). This temporary authority is not available in connection with any Application received when 12 months have passed since the receipt of the first Application following transfer of ownership by the last registered owner (see §47.31(c)(2)).


Recommended Action: There is no action for aircraft registrants. If a registration certificate expires after January 23, 2023, the expiration date is extended by four years. The Civil Aviation Registry will send registered owners new aircraft registration certificates before their 3 year expiration date printed on the certificate. For aircraft owners who are operating with pink copy authority that expires after January 23, 2023, that operating authority is extended to 12 months from the receipt of the first Application following transfer of ownership from the last registered owner. Contact: Questions or comments regarding this InFO should be directed to the Aircraft Registrations Branch at 9-AMC-AFS750-Aircraft@faa.gov.





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