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Ag Aviation Expo Recap from Craymer

I had a fantastic time at the NAAA Convention in Palm Springs, CA. I saw and spoke with many of you while I was there. I also had some fantastic food and maybe a little fun. If you visit there, the tram to the top of the mountain is pretty cool. Some others visited Joshua Tree and told me it was awesome. I will try and give you some highlights of what was discussed at the convention.

Peter Wilkinson gave some operational highlights and updates during the 1st day of the 8-hour Pratt & Whitney Canada session. Some of the most extensive discussions centered around the cost of the PT6A-140AG parts and the pricing discount structures being supplied. These discounts are not yet in the form of Commercial Support Programs, but soon will be. Another update on the 140AG is the release of Service Bulletin 1839. This SB allows for the use of AS3209 packings instead of ST6202 packings. This is for the fuel nozzles, flow divider and the bleed valve. Make sure to check out that service bulletin before making any changes.

During that same session, the PT6A-65AG and 67AG were also discussed. The previous requirement to replace C-flange T-bolts has been removed. There was also a commitment to continue the Commercial Support Program on the 2nd stage power turbine blades. Please let me know if you need further information about these items. You can also contact your Pratt & Whitney Canada Field Service Manager.

One of the best updates was about upcoming overhaul manual updates. The previous prop strike criteria have been reviewed, and a return to determining work scope based on engine condition instead of propeller condition is set to happen. The manual revisions over the next six months or so will now include a decision tree to aid in determining what the work scope should consist of. There was also some discussion about commercial support for some affected components. As more information becomes available, I will pass it along.

Logan Simmons of Covington Aircraft led a radial engine session. He covered how the engine is constructed and best practices for maintenance and in-field repairs. Supply chain and parts issues and availability were discussed. There were also questions about the operation of the engine. Everyone who attended received a detailed engine overview booklet from Covington Aircraft.

Finally, we also had a PT6A panel discussion. The standing-room-only crowd conversed with the panel led by P&WC – Peter Wilkinson, Standard Aero – Wendel Lambert, TAE – Will Wilson and Covington Aircraft – Robert Craymer. The moderator for the panel was Fletcher Sharp. Best maintenance practices were the main topics of discussion. Fuel nozzle maintenance, borescope inspections and prop balancing were among some of the topics. Pratt and Whitney Canada commercial support items for the PT6A-140AG and the PT6A-67AG were also hot topics. The panel and the operators of the PT6s in the room were very engaged in the discussion of engine washing, types of oil and oil servicing, and engine operations.

Overall, the experience was very informative. This convention also allows us to network with people we sometimes only get to talk with over the phone or via email. Hopefully, this information helps you if you could not attend this year. Start planning to attend the NAAA convention next year in Ft. Worth. Hopefully, I will see you there!

Robert Craymer has worked on PT6A engines and PT6A-powered aircraft for the past three decades, including the last 25+ years at Covington Aircraft. As a licensed A&P mechanic, Robert has held every job in an engine overhaul shop and has been an instructor of PT6A Maintenance and Familiarization courses for pilots and mechanics. Robert has been elected to the NAAA board as the Allied-Propulsion Board Member.   Robert can be reached at robertc@covingtonaircraft.com or 662-910-9899. Visit us at covingtonaircraft.com.





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