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Thrush 510G – now 25,000 times more attractive


The GE H80-powered Thrush 510G that was displayed on the floor at this year’s NAAA Convention in Long Beach, California may look like other 510G’s you’ve seen before – but it was actually some $25,000 times less money than the first 510G’s the company produced. That’s because of a special promotion GE has put into effect that provides a $25,000 discount on the next fifteen H80 engines they build for Thrush. This means putting a new 510G in your hangar just got about 25,000 times easier. But, as Eric Rojek at Thrush Aircraft cautioned us, customers should act fast – because once those next fifteen engines are gone, they’re gone. And, as if to put even more truth to that statement, he advised that Thrush has sold four aircraft so far under this promotion – thanks to this summer’s Feeding the World Tour. That means there are only eleven left!





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