• Newfound Direction

    Newfound Direction0

    KayDee Mitchell goes from 0 time to Ag Time. So what do you want to be when you grow up? Pick a major, pick a school or make a decision that many argue a recent high school graduate, destined for college, simply cannot make. Some make it past the college-high school hurdle to find themselves

  • Thrush Displays EEPC Aboard 510G at NAAA 2018

    Thrush Displays EEPC Aboard 510G at NAAA 20180

    (Reno, Nevada) Easing pilot workloads for safer, less taxing operations has always been a hallmark of every Thrush Aircraft – and the Thrush 510G on display at NAAA 2018 is here to demonstrate the latest development in that regard:  A single-lever electronic engine & prop control (EEPC) which is currently undergoing certification testing at Thrush.

  • After Dark

    After Dark0

    Following a trip in September into the southern part of Canada, AgAir Update made a stop in Wisconsin to visit with longtime operator Jim Perrin

  • Thrush 510G Switchback Firefighter Wins FAA Certification

    Thrush 510G Switchback Firefighter Wins FAA Certification0

    Thrush 510G Switchback Firefighter Wins FAA Certification Revolutionary firefighting aircraft will provide ag pilots with wildfire attack capability.

  • Thrush Aircraft delivers 100th 510G0

    Major milestone reached as GE-powered agricultural aircraft continues to be a favorite with both pilots and operators worldwide. (Albany, GA) As the Thrush factory’s large delivery hangar doors slid open to begin another day – a new 510G sat at the front of the space, sunlight glinting off its wings. Although the aircraft’s distinctive red

  • “hou” it’s done0

    Husband and wife team Justin and Ashley Houston (pronounced House-ton) build an aerial application business from the ground up. There are many aerial application businesses around the world that are operated by families. Father and son, husband and wife, daughters, cousins and siblings; the combinations are endless. For one husband and wife combo from southern