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Thrush debuts 510AS Simulator



The new Thrush 510AS built by Redbird is the most advanced agricultural aviation simulator in the world – and training programs in it will soon be available at our factory training center in Albany, Georgia. The 510AS is a full motion simulator, with all functional flight controls and spray application controls.

Our course curriculums will include both classroom and simulator time, and be taught by our on-site staff and overseen by our chief pilot. In addition to emergency procedures, normal operations such as navigation programming, spray patterns and overall flight management will be covered as well.

Two training courses will be initially be available:

A seat in this course will be offered at no cost to customers purchasing a new Thrush. It’s designed to provide a solid orientation on both the 510G and 510P as well as normal and emergency procedures under daily working conditions. And, for a very limited time, this course will be available at no cost to all customers who purchased a new Thrush between 2003 and 2016. Additional course seats will also be available for purchase by customers at a discount.





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