• Colorado Drift Case Results are in.

    Colorado Drift Case Results are in.0

    via the Colorado Agricultural Aviation Association Newsletter and Jessica Freeman In January 2019 three operators took their drift cases to court with the representation of attorney John Wright. Each operator was charged with off target chemical application and a proposed fine of $1,000.00 per case. The three operators chose to have their cases reviewed in

  • After Dark

    After Dark0

    Following a trip in September into the southern part of Canada, AgAir Update made a stop in Wisconsin to visit with longtime operator Jim Perrin

  • Dauntless Air Expands Fire Boss Fleet

    Dauntless Air Expands Fire Boss Fleet0

    Aerial firefighting leader grows as demand increases for modernized wildfire approach Appleton, MN and Whitefish, MT – September 27, 2018 Dauntless Air, an aerial firefighting company deeply dedicated to protecting people, land and property from the devastation of wildfires, today announced it has added two AT-802F Fire Boss aircraft to its fleet. The addition brings

  • ASU modifies CO Fire AT-802 for first fixed-wing NVG firefighting operations

    ASU modifies CO Fire AT-802 for first fixed-wing NVG firefighting operations0

    BOISE, Idaho —  Fighting fires at night is an effective tool for combatting threatening wild fires. Temperatures drop, humidity typically increases and it is easier to spot hot spots at night making nighttime firefighting ideal. Now, CO Fire Aviation has a new tool to combat fires at night. Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc., (ASU) recently modified

  • OFF THE LINE – Factory post production test pilots

    OFF THE LINE – Factory post production test pilots0

    There is a time, long before the leading edges fade and metal skins stain; long before tires are replaced and hot sections are performed; before the aircraft gets the distinctive ag plane smell and before its idiosyncratic flight characteristics are discovered, that it is brand-new, never-flown, fresh off the factory production line. Teams of designers,

  • Pattern Uniformity

    Pattern Uniformity0

    Dennis R Gardisser, WRK of Arkansas LLC It is essential that pesticide applications be made uniformly across the treated area. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the need, or lack of need, for nozzles to be placed in the center section on aircraft. This issue will not be resolved here, but hopefully