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Boone Carlson, MN Ag Operator, Running for State Rep.

As the campaign season gains momentum, a fresh contender has stepped into the race for Minnesota House District 09A. Boone Carlson has officially announced his candidacy, vying for the Republican nomination against the incumbent, Minnesota State Rep. Jeff Backer, R-Browns Valley.

Hailing from Grant County, Minnesota, Carlson resides on a farm with his wife and three sons, where he spent his formative years assisting his father’s aerial application business. With ownership of Carlson Ag Aviation near Wendell, Minnesota, Carlson brings a wealth of experience in agriculture and community involvement to the table. His extensive tenure on various local boards reflects his dedication to serving his community, including over two decades on the North Ottawa township board.

Expressing a long-standing aspiration for public service, Carlson emphasizes the need for fresh energy and charisma in representation. His campaign centers on a commitment to West Central Minnesota, advocating for the region with conviction, gratefulness, and enthusiasm.

Drawing from 30 years of diverse work experience, Carlson underscores the importance of collaboration and understanding among individuals with differing perspectives. He aims to counterbalance what he perceives as disproportionate influence from the “Far Left” of the Democratic Party, asserting the necessity of a strong voice for rural interests in the state.

Central to Carlson’s vision is the promotion of economic growth and opportunities in West Central Minnesota, particularly for young families. He advocates for a robust education system that equips youth for success in adulthood and opposes mandates on vehicle electrification and taxation policies like the “Green New Deal.”

Additionally, Carlson prioritizes support for law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders, pledging to ensure adequate funding for community safety initiatives.

For more details on Carlson’s platform and campaign, visit www.boonecarlson.com. The primary is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13, followed by the general election on Tuesday, November 5.





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