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More agav coverage and a facelift

More agav coverage and a facelift

Last month was a busy one for everyone at AgAir Update. September 1st marked the launch of the new agairupdate.com. This CMS (Content Management System)-style website will bring you breaking agav news and additional in-depth coverage of articles that have appeared in print. When a good story unfolds, there is limited print space for photos and last time I checked – I couldn’t get the videos to play on paper! Not true with the new website. Browse galleries and watch short videos that show a different aspect than print articles. Same subject, different information!

Browse our archives on agairupdate.com, or browse by category, tag or keyword. You now have the ability to set alerts for new ag aviation news or post comments and have discussions about certain topics. Automatic translation will afford our readers in South America to have a site in their native language, as well.

Some other new features on agairupdate.com are a new and improved calendar, direct links to AAU’s extensive classified section and easy access to our online marketplace. Our marketplace (agairupdatemarketplace.com) hosts many items that are ag aviation themed; subscribe or renew your subscription, order article reprints, browse our extensive collection of DeSpain Pen & Ink drawings or even order a set of ag plane wine glasses and tumblers.

Speaking of classified ads – we revamped our online classified system, too! AgAir Update AgAv Classifieds – classifieds.agairupdate.com has been up and running for some time. This new, totally interactive online classified system helps you sell your airplane. Upload an unlimited amount of photos, video, logbooks, spec sheets – you name it. Are you watching for a specific type aircraft to be listed? Set up an alert to notify you any time a new listing happens.

We also found ourselves on the road during this busy month. Trips throughout the U.S., Canada and as far as the land down under visiting Australian operators; one of which is operating 18 ag-aircraft for both firefighting and row crops, plus two helicopters and two spotter aircraft for firefighting. We also were able to attend the AFF Asia Pacific 2016 in Adelaide to promote our unique AirFire & Forestry section, which continues to grow and promote the aerial firefighting industry. AirFire & Forestry is included quarterly within the front pages of AgAir Update and distributed digitally as a stand-alone publication.

We hope you enjoy the newly debuted agairupdate.com, as well as the diverse content that only a world-wide ag aviation publication can bring to you each month. More articles will continually be added to the new site providing the world’s most extensive archive available to our readers for searching and reading. After 30 years of bringing you the latest information about our industry, that should be quite a collection!






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