• 502XP in rice country

    502XP in rice country1

    Ag-Cats have been a mainstay in southwest Louisiana and northern California for many, many years. Short ferries, smaller fields and aircraft familiarity have kept this iconic airframe in service in these parts of the country. The Ag-Cat fleet now is mostly powered by turbine engines, with a few radial machines populating various nooks throughout the

  • Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil

    Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil0

    Although the radial engine for an ag-plane in the United States was the mainstay before the advent of turbine powered ag-aircraft, the engine never gained much popularity in Brazil. During the early years of radial engine use in Brazil, obtaining support and a parts inventory was difficult. Today, even fewer of these radial engines are

  • Nancy Snow 1940-20180

    Nancy Bacon Snow, age 77, of Wichita Falls passed away on Wednesday morning, March 28, 2018, in House of Hope in Wichita Falls. She spent the last hours of her life in a colorful room, decorated with her own art, and filled with the sounds of the music that she loved, surrounded by family, friends,

  • Thiel Air Care rises to occasion0

    “I asked her how close I needed to fly to get the audio she was looking for and the girl from down in Los Angeles replied ‘As low as you are comfortable with, not as high as those large airplanes’. [laughs] On the second pass, she was laying flat on the runway,” Doug Thiel tells,

  • Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel join Macedonia’s wildfire battle0

    The 2017 summer firefighting season saw many disastrous wildfires raging across the Mediterranean and on the Balkan Peninsula where Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia have been the most affected. The dry weather with weeks of extremely high temperatures caused intensive wildfires that stretched and exhausted regional civil protection systems, forcing some Balkan nations

  • One company’s 14th Air Tractor delivered to Costa Rica0

    As we lined up on the centerline and started bringing the torque up to redline, our journey from Harlingen, Texas (KHRL) to San Jose, Costa Rica (MRPV) in a brand new AT-504 was underway. While acting as PIC, I was accompanied by ag/ferry pilot Pat Kornegay, as it was my first delivery flight to South