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DynaNav delivers new solutions for aerial application guidance and control

“Simple by Design – Flexible in Application”
As an aviation technology company, DynaNav delivers modern and productive solutions to fulfill the current demands of the aerial application industry. The best way to know where to concentrate the technology advancement is by working directly with pilots and operators, as such DynaNav is able to focus on important design requirements. The following is a quick review of what DynaNav has been doing to deliver these solutions.

Vektor-Max™ GPS system – There are many advantages of the new Vektor-Max™ system, only a few of these are covered in this article. Our original Vektor™ system has already been proven in the field and from this knowledge, Dynanav has designed the new Vektor-Max™ to integrate all the guidance system needs of today, as well as the future, into a single 6.5” touch screen computer system (no remote boxes). Everything is in this compact system: touch screen color display, the GPS (GNSS), Intel Quad-core Windows 10 computer, flow controller, WIFI, Bluetooth, Telemetry, etc. The Vektor-Max™ touch screen’s complete system is only 2.2 lbs (1 kg). The complete installation wiring kit with antenna and flow control wiring is 3.5 lbs (1.5 kg) and the super robust lightbar is 8.4 Lbs (3.8 kg). The Max Lightbar features new daylight readable LEDs, as well as a unique sunlight filter to block morning and evening sunshine from washing out the display. This system is capable of everything any other lightbar system has and even more; more importantly, at an affordable price. Imagine high performance navigation system for under US$15,000 complete with flow control and wireless capability.

DynaFlow™ flow control system – The DynaFlow™ was designed to be flexible, connect directly to our DynaFlight System, or standalone using our DynaFlow touch screen HMI with built-in GPS, or open for any other GPS manufacturer to connect to the system (it is up to these manufacturers to provide connection). The unit is designed for a fast response for variable rate applications and can be fitted for any control rate, from very high to very low volume applications. Even better, the DynaFlow™ also has a pressure sensor added to give digital pressure readings, either directly on the DynaFlight system, or on the optional HMI. More importantly, it is also a digitally-controlled pressure switch for any GPS system. This feature allows the pilot to set the boom pressure value to turn on or off the marking to the GPS to any amount required.

Transland Hydraulic Gate Controller – Dynanav has been working closely with Transland and their customers to modernize the hydraulic gate system to meet requirements for accuracy as well as variable rate control. In order to accomplish this, Transland developed a new gate design, the 7 ½” gate with a wide range in application rates, as well as high speed reaction. Dynanav has designed and developed all the electronics to control the gate(s) and a new pilot interface. The primary design is fully software driven as a multi-role pilot interface. The complete system is not only a dry material gate controller, but also a controller for the new Fire Gate system developed by Transland. Further to this, it has future built in capabilities through the same pilot interface (coming soon) for the Meterate control and flow control for liquids.

DynaFlight-AirAg™ GPS system – Tried and true, DynaFlight systems are the mainstay at DynaNav, proven with 20 years of pilots’ and operators’ experience and feedback. This “Simple by Design” system is highly recommended by the user pilots and operators for high accuracy, as well as DynaNav’s very unique “Free Form” navigation systems. Because the system is purely software driven, DynaNav is continuously bringing on new features and capabilities to meet the current demands of the industry – without obsolescence. Now, with a fully integrated DynaFlow™ flow control, pilots have no worries for easy to use guidance along with a consistent accurate application. Also, with DynaNav’s Hot Swap Drag & Drop feature it is easy and simply for operators and pilots to use shape files. In the office, Drag & Drop all shape files onto the USB data stick, then plug into the DynaFlight system and it automatically Hot Swaps by uploading all the new job files and then downloads all the completed jobs onto the USB.

Bottom line – talk to pilots and operators that use DynaNav products and services; just like them, you won’t be disappointed.





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