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VeriFly GPS debuts in Long Beach at the NAAA Convention

At this year’s NAAA convention VeriFly GPS will debut in booth #1043.  While VeriFly has been cautiously introduced over the last several seasons in North America it will now be more widely available and publicly displayed in the VeriFly and partner booths.

VeriFly has many innovative features that set it apart with more powerful apps being added all the time.  It sets a new standard in so many ways, from the modern, intuitive software to the ground-up design that is optimized for an aerial applicator’s workflow.  Even at this point, VeriFly GPS has proven itself by being a money-maker for operators who have used it to spray many millions of acres across the country.

Here’s the key to VeriFly’s utility: a streamlined workflow that works the way that spraying works.  So as a pilot, it’s a GPS that works with and for you.  Navigation to and from the fields and staging area is like second nature.  Work orders handily appear in your inbox and are easily divvyed into jobs through a natural selection process by field shape, location, crop, or material to be applied.  The entire life-cycle of the order is coordinated by the integral situational awareness which works hand-in-glove with the pilot’s perception.  When the order is complete the information is instantly sent to the office at the push of a button.

Paperless, yes please.  USB stick, no thank you.  The VeriFly system is built on internet connectivity, it’s not an add-on.  VeriFly is always online so that you get real-time work orders in, coverage maps out, and tracking all the time.  Diagnostics and support can be performed in the air.  The web-enabled tracking system shows the aircraft location, the field that is being worked on, coverage in real-time, and the ETA of the aircraft for loaders who are preparing for the next load.

VeriFly also has many standard features and they are done well, with class.  The Lightbar is a sleek carbon fiber design with bold, ultra-bright, sunlight readability.  It has informative displays and custom setup.  The capacitive touch-screen Display is large and does justice to the state-of-the-art software which has no limits and is very easy to use.

The VeriFly GPS system has a full-feature flow control system with support for both liquid and dry application.  Prescription application for liquid and dry is provided.  There is an integrated liquid flow controller and support for other flow controls and gates like Transland, Turbine Conversions, and Vondran.  VeriFly uniquely features AccuSprayTM which is a precise position engine for highly accurate application and coverage mapping, this eliminates the castling effect on the ends.  AccuSpray also manages the precise control of the auto on/off application for spray area boundaries.

The VeriFly GPS is fast becoming a game-changer in aerial GPS.  Just ask Don Folden of Folden Aviation who says it’s “the most pilot-friendly GPS I have ever used”, or others who have used it to transform their operation and make it more productive.

If you would like to learn more about this transformative GPS stop by booth #1043 at the convention or contact VeriFly’s exclusive distributor, FliteTek International, at www.flitetek.com. FliteTek phone number is (219) 979-2313 ext. 708 and the email address to use is sales@flitetek.com











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