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Junge Control adds distribution supply chain

Junge Control began automating agricultural blending systems in 1979. They soon invented the “Junge Weigh” system, an extremely accurate and flexible scale/blend system that changed the standard of measuring precision inputs.

Junge Control started as a company specializing in custom built controls, equipment and software. Many of their systems had innovation on the assembly floor. Systems were unique and specifically configured for each location. This kept Junge as the leader in innovative precision blending systems.

In 2014, CEO Dave Junge developed “Zone Automation”. This new concept was easy to understand, install, train and sell. Junge prepared for increased sales and finished the design and configurator tool. It was time to add qualified distributors around the country to sell, service and support “Zone Automation”.

As Junge looked at the customer base and studied segmentation strategies they realized that they were growing quickly and were preparing to find distributors. With their creative method of using personal computers in all systems, they can assist operators anywhere from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa support center. Junge also recognizes customers need local support with their equipment or controls. Tom Hansen (partner in Dultmeier Sales) contacted the company and indicated they would like to investigate becoming Junge’s first distributor of “Zone Automation”. So in only a few short months this new venture was created and is being rolled out. It will provide quality local service support to complement the Zone Automation equipment and software.

In addition to their continuing sales duties, the Junge sales team will assist the Dultmeier Sales team and will continue to be very busy working with all customers that have custom designed systems. With Dultmeier Sales main focus in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, Junge hopes to seek out more distributors in new territories.

Junge Control will continue to innovate to keep our products leading the precision blending market. Having distributors like Dultmeier Sales allows us to enhance the customer value and give local support to our Zone Automation product line.






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