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AT-802 type rating exemption endorsement changes

UPDATE 2/18/17:

AT-802 Exemption AMENDED!

The latest update from the FAA and Air Tractor regarding the changes to the AT-802 type rating exemption are:

• The CFI requirement for anyone who delivers the FAA Approved Ground Training Program remains intact. This requirement becomes effective November 30, 2017.
• The FAA has agreed to accept AT-502 experience in leu of only AT-802 time logged.
• The deadline for compliance with the AT-802 Type Rating Exemption No. 5651Q has been extended to May 30, 2017.

If any additional changes come along for the FAA exemption No 5651Q, it will be passed on to AgAir Update readers as received from the Air Tractor factory.




Original Article:

The AT-802 Air Tractor is capable of exceeding the 12,500-pound limitation that would require a type rating in the aircraft. The AT-802 has always had an exemption from the type rating requirement, however the FAA has changed the requirements and the current exemption expires April 30, 2017. This will require AT-802 pilots to meet the new requirements for the exemption for a type rating in the aircraft.

Basically, the pilot has two ways to be qualified to fly an AT-802 in accordance with the Type Rating Exemption No. 5651. He must document he has completed an approved training course and receives a certificate of completion, logbook endorsement and other “recognized way to document training”.

Or, he can use his prior experience of a minimum of 100 flight hours logged with at least 10 hours in an AT-802 in the last 12 months to waive the ground training requirement.

It’s important to note that prior to 2009, the Exemption allowed this prior experience time to be in an AT-502. In 2009, the wording was changed to only give credit for previous AT-802 time.

Air Tractor is currently revising the Training Manual to incorporate the new requirements and will have done, approved and posted to www.airtractor.com prior to the current Exemption expiring.

The following is the recommended logbook entry:

On this date, (date) , I, (name, pilot certificate, certificate number) certify that I have logged more than 100 hours of flight time in an Air Tractor AT-802/802A with (at least 10) hours in the preceding 12 calendar months. This experience makes me eligible to waive the Ground Training requirements of FAA Exemption No. 5651, as revised.


Signed: ______________________________ Date: ______________

The following link will provide detailed FAA communication with Air Tractor about the Exemption. 





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