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CD Aviation Services Five Day Engine Maintenance Training Class

Register for our five day Engine Maintenance Training Class August 19th-23rd in Joplin, MO. Training provided by mechanics with 10+ years of experience.

Engine Maintenance Training
CD Aviation Services prioritizes customers’ ability to maintain the condition of their engine. We’ve developed original training material accepted by the FAA and customized for owners, operators and mechanics.Both trainings are conducted in an open forum classroom setting with full color Power Point slides. Students will receive a full color manual which they can take home for future reference.

Five Day EMT
The Five Day EMT is designed for the mechanics who maintain TPE331 powered A/C to expand his or her knowledge on TPE331 operations, making them better troubleshooters. The Five Day EMT expands on the One Day EMT into each system and how they operate. $500 investment

Learn more at cdaviationservices.com





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