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Mosquioto Abatement Spraying Aircraft Shot at by Resident

An aerial spraying aircraft was shot at by a resident claiming that the aircraft was a drone on Wednesday.

Law Enforcement was called to a residential address in Monroe, Louisiana after reports of a resident firing at an aircraft were received where they located the alleged suspect Stacy Nguyen Rodgers, a 40 year old female that resided at the residence on Joe White Road. Rodgers stated that she had fired on the aircraft believing it was a drone and she had fired on it in an attempt to shoot it down.

Stacy Rodgers is the suspect alleged to have fired at a mosquito abatement aircraft conducting aerial application on Tuesday. Photo by NBC 10 Louisiana.

Three shell casings and a revolver were located at the residence, although the aerial spraying aircraft that was spraying for mosquito abatement was not believed to have been hit by the gunfire.

Illinois headquartered Clarke Environmental Mosquito Control is the operator contracted by the Ouachita Parish Mosquito Abatement District to carry out the aerial spraying. Clarke, according to their website employ both fixed wing and helicopter assets to spray for this application.

In a statement given to myarklamiss.com, Shannon Rider, the Director of Oachita Parish Mosquito Abatement District state that the district had notified residents multiple times leading up to the spraying that it would be taking place in the area.

Rodgers was arrested at the scene and has since posted bond and been released pending a formal court appearance on the matter.





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