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Helicopter Spreads 40,000 Pounds of Seed

MIDDLEBURY — Addison County farmers have seen a rainy and consistently wet spring and summer result in a late corn harvest. Now some of those farmers are looking to the skies again — this time for help in planting a cover crop this fall.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday a crop-dusting helicopter dropped nearly 40,000 pounds of a variety of cover crop seeds on several hundred acres of floodplain farmland — primarily cornfields — across the county.

“It was just so consistently wet this year, that although things are coming along, a lot of farms will risk a big hit to their yield if they harvest their corn early,” said Donner Carr, nutrient management planner for Bourdeau Bros. Inc., which supplied the seed used in the helicopter drop. “In a normal year, if they can harvest the corn in time, they can plant their cover crop with machinery on the ground. This year, not so much.”

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