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Officials Make Aerial Assault on Noxious Weeds

McCOOK, Neb. — If you were in the vicinity of the Republican River in Red Willow County on Sept. 21 or 22, you may have noticed a blue helicopter flying low over the river. “We have been working on obtaining funding to control salt cedar and phragmites for about two years” said Bill Elliott, Red Willow Weed Supervisor.

“Working with Southwest Weed Management and local land owners we have been able to perform aerial spraying using a helicopter to control these non-native, invasive plants.”

Funding to perform this work was obtained through grants from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Nebraska Environmental Trust. “Southwest Weed Management obtains grants to perform a variety of work to control non-desirable, invasive vegetation.” stated Jim Bowen, Project Coordinator, Southwest Weed Management. “We work with county weed departments and landowners to also control eastern red cedar and russian olive trees which can spread across rangeland becoming a problem for landowners”.

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