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COVID19 — What’s An Ag Pilot To Do?

As the knowledge about this disease evolves rapidly, what you may read today is old news by tomorrow.  With that disclaimer, here are some things that may be helpful.

The Coronavirus (the virus that causes COVID19) is spread by contact with the aerosol (generated with coughing or sneezing), contact with droplets (larger than the aerosol particles) generated with cough/sneeze, or by contact with respiratory secretions that remain on surfaces (door knobs, stair rails, etc.)  That makes avoidance a matter of eliminating those contact points.

When in the cockpit, the risk is obviously low.  In the office, or areas where contact with the public occurs, wipe surfaces frequently.  (I get ridiculed for spraying everything in our office with Lysol every couple of hours…).  The “six foot rule” has basis in science. Most of the aerosolized droplets will fall to the floor in under six feet. Stay six or more feet away from people.

Hand washing is effective.  The membrane on the virus is susceptible to soap.  If necessary to immediately touch something previously handled by someone else, wash hands afterwards.

Virus is shed at a high rate for the 3-5 days prior to the onset of symptoms.  If someone is even mildly symptomatic, they need to isolate themselves immediately.  Data shows that if household isolation is done, the rate of spread is decreased to somewhere between 1 in 3 and 1 in 10.  If someone in your house is ill, isolate them within your house.

Susceptible persons are over 60 (many of us), co-existing diseases (yes, it includes obesity and hypertension….many more of us), and any other chronic diseases.

Treatments are pending.  Nothing so far seems to be proven effective.  Be careful out there.





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